Sunday, January 31, 2010

We are getting people !

Last week was hectic in a way . A troop of langurs came in and ate every bit of marigold and quite a lot of hibiscus we had . With that went the lure for the lime , blue mormon and company ! With quite a bit of garden back to square one , timing was perfect for guests to visit. Prasad Pankar , ace photographer and a recent convert to nature photography choose this week to capture a few butterflies on lens.

If you can see "waiting, waiting,..." expression on his face , blame it on the langurs.

Then we had eight young ladies of BNHS led by Dr Sheila Tanna. Their knowledge and enthusiasm was fantastic ! How we wish they were residents if Goa - would have had atleast 8 helping hands !

They couldn't spot much of butterflies , but we felt that they were able to notice many things which made their visit worthwhile ( hope so !). We had a troop from Margao who had also come with a hope to meet the BNHS gang , but the infamous usgaon-mollem tipper traffic ensured that the date was missed.

Until next time then !


  1. So true, Rohit and Jyoti.
    I did catch up with the BNHS ladies at Earthworm and later in the week with Dr. Usha Desai. Had a nice early morning walk with her at Altinho and discovered a lot about the city trees. I agree they are very resourceful. And hope to visit you guys once again.

  2. Thanks ! Tallulah.

    We heard about the wonderful work you are doing in the field of green architecture from Sergio.

    We would love to have you again. Maybe we could work out an event.