Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why we love the Palekars ?

Our treasurer , Mrs Patil has a huge grin. She was holding the first ever donation cheque . With almost half the members not having even paid their membership fees , this expression is not surprising . She is also annoyed with me for not collecting entry fees from most of the visitors. She wished that everyone was like the Palekar family who not only paid the entry fees but also wrote a cheque to the Butterfly Conservatory Of Goa.

Jyoti ( my wife -lets call her J ) likes people more easily. That Mrs. Palekar is also named Jyoti helped . Any appreciation of the rainwater harvesting concept or about her house - and that one is in the good books of J. She loved Deepak and Jyoti for their friendly and afflable nature.

When the Palekars came in to the conservatory , there were hardly any butterflies . It was pretty warm and I was mourning the repeated raids of the langurs on almost all of our flowering bushes . But the Palekars waited . Patiently . Watching the birds . The trees . The occassional butterfly - the crow mainly. They took time to examine every nook and cranny of the conservatory . Photographing . They took a break inbetween to check out the house and climbed up the hill again in the hot sun, back in to the conservatory. As if to oblige them , suddenly we had butterflies ! Spot swordtail and the Silverline flew into the breeding enclosure through the entrance opening . And there were quite a few others : Lascar , sergeant , plum Judy , monkey puzzle.

For being patient . For their attention to details . For lauding our efforts rather than the number of butterflies . Thank you !

And That's why I love the Palekars !

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