Sunday, November 14, 2010

We re-open !!

It has been a furious monsoon ! Started in May , it still continues well into its 6th month . While we welcome the extra dose of water , it has wreaked havoc in the conservatory. Almost a month late , we have finally reopened the park on November 9th . It was raining that day as well , but we were committed to welcoming the first batch of tourists from Thomak Cook . And so we did ! Thankfully the rains stopped for a wee bit , but the butterflies were still hiding .

The week end was awesome though . And the visitors for Saturday and Sunday were treated to a feast of butterflies. The Redspot Duke has made his reappearance .
The Southern Birdwing Pupae in on the verge of emerging out .
And the Red Pierrots are all over the place .
Yes ! We are open and ready for action ! Come and join us !!

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