Sunday, January 30, 2011

Date with Butterflies on Sunday , February 6 , 2011

Did you know? A butterfly tastes its food with help of its feet. Tigers, Jezebel, Sergeants, Peacocks , Commanders, Nawabs, Sailors, Barons, Rajahs are the names of butterflies. That a caterpillar weaves itself into a cocoon before it becomes a Butterfly. Also that butterflies are never attracted to Rose flowers and that some butterflies feed on alcohol.

More such startling facts about the winged beauties would be revealed to you, if you agree to have a date with Butterflies, a BCOG programme happening on February 6 , 2011 at the Butterfly Conservatory Of Goa , Rajnagar , Pisgal Priol Ponda , Goa. Our country is a host for more that 1,501 species of butterflies and an Biodiveristy hot spot like Goa is blessed to have 250 species. It is a rare person who would not be attracted by the delicate beauty of butterflies. And to help you spot these jewels and learn more about their nature and habits, the Butterfly Conservatory of Goa ( BCOG ) has been arranging a fun filled day called as ' Date with Butterflies '. The half-day programme begins with butterfly watching nature trail at the Conservatory. This is then followed by interactive sessions on Indian Butterflies and butterfly photography, Copycats in Butterflies, Wonders of Early Stages of Butterflies, Tips on gardening for butterflies.
Nature lovers should ensure they don't miss this opportunity. Entry is Rs.150 per person.The last date of registration: Feb 4 , 2011For registration, email your entries to or call on 9822125474 ( Rohit ) / 9822895474 ( Jyoti ) .

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