Monday, February 15, 2010

Action over activism

We have been in the serious business of offending people even if we don't mean to ! The lastest victim are some well meaning environmental activists who wanted us to join in a protest campaign for a ( serious , and we agree it to be ) cause. Our refusal , we learn , has been misunderstood . And since they mentioned that they have seen our blog , thought it appropriate to put our thoughts on the same here.

There is no doubt that environment is under great threat . And that every concerned citizen has to do their bit - it is this bit that one needs to choose on their own . We can't expect everyone to start a butterfly conservatory and everyone may not want to join a protest. It does not mean that either of them does not believe in each other's cause.

Like each critter finds a role for themselves in the ecosystem , we have found ours - we want to plant as many trees , reclaim to nature as much land ( our next great goal to recreate a wetland for birds ! ) and rebuild as much as possible in our lifetime .

Protests . Signature campaigns . Seminars . Rallies . Walks . Sit in demonstrations . Educational roadshows . All good . But please count us out . Not because we don't believe it does not have an effect ( it does . Regional plan cancellation , SEZs ) , but just because we made a choice for activism over action. why ?

Action for us is easier . Activism is a huge responsibility . When we have to tell others about right and wrong , we have to be extra careful on our choices in life . Wecan't chase away a pharma company and yet buy medicines of the same company ; or protest about garbage and yet not recycle our own ; Oppose housing projects , yet have more than one dwelling.

We are not yet ready . If and when we think we are , we shall choose.

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