Saturday, February 6, 2010

Return on investments.

We were the topic of discussion last week among some very close relatives of ours - the crux of the debate was on how poor we were at business . How else do you expect doles of money poured in the butterfly conservatory for no returns ?
Well ,true in a way that we do not have gate collections.

But is it a bad investment ?
We need an competent accountant to value the time our kids spend in a forest stream ( stream on demand ) of their own.

He should be able to measure the joy of two German Shepards galloping with a Mowgli like boy that our son is.
Find the IRR of the peace that flows through us each early morning when we sit on the bench waiting for the first sun rays to greet us . In our own manmade forest.

What price do we quote for the liittle friendships we develop each day ?
And we haven't yet got down calculating the normal stuff like oxygen , carbon dioxide cleaning , rainwater saved , top soil , etc.....
How do we calculate the rate of returns on this investment ?

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